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Review: Chinese New Year Global Gala 2006, DC

Reviewed by Bob Anthony , All Arts Review 4u, February 21, 2006-The Unblemished Lotus

The National Theater was the venue for a totally stunning evening of Chinese variety acts included in “Chinese New Year Global Gala”.

Yes, it is the year of the dog but this show brought on angels, flying cranes, a good and bad dragon and other assorted animals that were humanized in dance and song.

The show was a technicolor treat with sequined and gold lame’ costumes and a changing back scrim of Chinese scenes of mountains, quaint villages and the heavens.

Every sequence was totally awesome!

Most of the female dancing was of the Chinese mincing style but they had wonderful circular movements along with brilliant hand work.

Two dancers (Dvorovenko & Saveliev) from the American Ballet thrilled with a scene from “Paquita”.

The audience favorites were the Peking Opera’s “The Monkey King Runs Amok in the Heavens” and “Oh, Susanna” played on Chinese instruments by the CBA Cultural & Arts Center Octet.

The show ended with dozens of different sized drums which loudly chased away “bad spirits” from the old year as well as the new year.

Certainly put this on your calendar for the next Chinese New Year. It certainly fulfills oriental needs without incurring travel expenses.(End)  (Reviewed by Bob Anthony)

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