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Dramatic Backdrops Scenery of the Chinese New Year Spectacular

By Yi Xin, to NTDTV-Vivid backdrops

Watching the NTDTV Gala, I was surprised by a feeling I’d been missing for a long time. I was tired of watching New Years’ programs after seeing so many Chinese New Year shows that were a hodge-podge of assorted cheap performances loaded with communist ideology. I had lost all interest in seeing galas, but my friends spoke so highly of the NTDTV Chinese New Year Global Gala that I decided to watch it. The presentation was very refreshing, and I just loved it.

(Photo: Vivid backdrops add meaning to NTDTV Gala performances, Flute Dancer)

Beautiful scenery and other artwork projected onto a large backdrop added to the splendor and profound emotional depth of the performances.

It is very difficult to produce realistic scenes given the limited space of a stage, and increasing the number of performers increases the difficulty.

During the vocal solo “Midland” by Yang Jiangsheng, however, there were no other performers or props. The audience saw only the singer standing before views of the Great Wall of China winding through the mountains. The impressive scenery complimented and enhanced the beautiful music.

A gala should be an uplifting celebration. I loved the program “Divine Lanterns.” The performance was set before classical Chinese buildings accented with colorful lanterns. The set design highlighted traditional Chinese culture and perfectly communicated the celebratory atmosphere of the occasion. The colorful glow over the buildings infused the piece with an intense significance.

The backdrop for “Fairy Flute” was actually a lightly colored brush painting that perfectly represented the ancient culture of China, and transported the audience from the noise and stress of modern urban life to a quiet fairyland.

Complicated stage dramas are often difficult for an audience to follow. The dramatic performance “When the Eyes of the Stone Lion Turn Red” is set in an ancient village, and the background scenery is key in presenting the story to the audience. The profound meaning of the piece is apparent when a great Bodhisattva is seen ascending to the heavens in the background.

The solo “Waking Up” seeks to awaken the best human qualities of the audience. It also represents the uniqueness of the NTDTV Gala and set it apart from all others. The audience was able to enjoy the artistic performances and reflect on the meaning of life when they saw the stars of the great enlightened beings in the background.

These are but a few examples of the effects of the background scenery in the NTDTV Gala. Throughout the Gala, scenes changed with each performance. The stories set in ancient China sprang to life on the stage. The background set designs were absolute masterpieces. Just remembering them is enough to fill me with anticipation, and I can’t wait to attend the 2007 NTDTV Spectacular.



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