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New York: ‘Holiday Wonders’ Comes to a Marvelous Close

Audience responded in loud applause as curtains fell upon the last of nine performances of “Holiday Wonders” presented by New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) at the Beacon Theatre on Broadway. Nearly 30,000 diverse spectators witnessed and experienced endless amazement, inspiration, wonder, and fantasy.

A Rare and Grand OccasionAudience, holiday wonder, dec. 2006, new york

During the last performance, Neil Feltz, assistant general manager of the Beacon Theatre, praised NTDTV’s “Holiday Wonders” as a great success and a rare grand occasion at the Beacon Theatre. People of different ethnic groups and ages all enjoyed and praised the performances. Feltz said, “Everyone walked out of the theater wearing a smile on their face.”

Audience’s hearts rode along with the waves of unexpected climaxes of performances as they experienced a Christmas wonder characterized by eastern and western elements. Among Chinese spectators, some felt that “Holiday Wonders” conveyed the traditions and profundity of Chinese culture and gave the audience a sense of harmony and ease.

NTDTV President Lee Zhong was pleased with the success of “Holiday Wonders”. Lee said, “This is the first time such performances have been presented during the Christmas holiday. This is also the first time such performances have been offered exclusively for students. I am touched by the generally positive feedback from the audience, by sincere smiles on people’s faces as they exited the theater, and particularly by the roars of ‘Encore!’ among the children and the elderly.” Lee specifically expressed thanks to everyone and concluded that support from the community was the key to the show’s success.

A New Culture Emerging from TraditionsFeitian-1

Ambassador Andrew Hsia, head of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, acclaimed, “From each performance, we can see the efforts made by NTDTV. We also see a new culture emerging from traditions. This is something very amazing. We hope that NTDTV can keep up their great work so their gala may become a tradition.”

Mr. Chang Chingnan, director of the Cultural Center of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, commended that the performances were marvelous and appropriately presented the spirit of oriental and western culture. Chang believes “Holiday Wonders” highlighted the essence of ancient Chinese culture such as China’s deeply rooted spiritual beliefs and ethics.

Unlike other performing groups from China, NTDTV’s performances are not affiliated with the communist party. Instead, it bases its performances on the spirit of ancient Chinese culture. Mr. Chang considers this a point of great importance.

Professor Luis Barrios, from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the University of New York, and his wife are very interested in Chinese culture. He not only used “excellent” to extol performance, he also said, “Most of what Americans get from Hollywood movies about China is negative. They have the wrong impression. When I sat there watching how positively Chinese culture can be displayed, I realized that I didn’t know much about the true nature of Chinese culture either.”

Chinese with Different Backgrounds Gathered Togetheraudience-2

Many Chinese from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and from different social backgrounds gathered at the show. New York writer Linda Smith described the show as “an unbelievable artistic display of human values.” Ms. Smith said what moved her most was seeing, for the first time, so many Chinese from different social backgrounds gathered together.

New York Red Apple Art Center Chairman Mr. Song said, “Having lived in China for many decades, I never saw the true culture of the divine land. ‘Holiday Wonders’ really moved me. I must come up with a way to let my relatives and friends in mainland China watch this show.”

Seven Performances of Chinese New Year Spectacular in New Yorkfeitian 2

Lee Zhong stated that the unprecedented success of “Holiday Wonders” has made him more confident about the upcoming Chinese New Year Spectacular that will show in New York in February.

All nine performances of “Holiday Wonders” came close to selling out, especially the performances for students and senior citizens, and the weekend showing. After watching one performance, some could not get enough and purchased another ticket to watch it again. Audiences expressed the desire to see the Chinese New Year Spectacular and promote it to their friends and family.

Looking forward to the Chinese New Year Spectacular shows, Lee Zhong said, “All seven performances at Radio City Music Hall will have completely different programs than ‘Holiday Wonders’. The show times will be during the month of the Chinese New Year, and there will be tours to 28 major cities around the world. We hope friends can pass around the good news. Book tickets early to get good seats and enjoy the show! ” (article from ntdtv website, photo from Chinese News The Epoch Times  website)


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