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The Chinese Splendor is ‘a visual feast’, Says Choreographer, Tap Dancing Master

By Wen Zhong and Sarah Matheson, Epoch Times Staff, Feb 09, 2008- Jerry Ames and his companion, Adorama at Splendor on Friday night. (Jan Jekielek/The Epoch Times)

NEW YORK—Jerry Ames, an American choreographer and tap dancing master, was very impressed by the beauty of Chinese New Year Splendor on Friday night.

“The talent is very, very lovely, and the music and the setting is just gorgeous,” he said.

Mr. Ames has performed on Broadway, in nightclubs, on luxury liners, and on some of the major television channels in the United States.

(photo: Jerry Ames and his companion, Adorama at Splendor on Friday night/ by the Epochtimes)

His companion, Adorama, is a former dancer who is currently working with the Dance Notation Bureau.

She said she enjoyed watching the dancers’ footwork in “The Fruits of Goodness.” “Those two boys who got lost … I looked at their feet. Gorgeous. Beautiful feet—which shows obviously the training they’ve had,” she said.

Mr. Ames said the performances were all very unique. “And we particularly like the costumes, very lavish and beautiful,” he said. Adorama said the digital backdrops were also impressive. “On that scale, that’s very unusual to see, because the stage is so large, and then to have this projection,” she said.

Mr. Ames said Radio City Music Hall was the perfect venue for the show, “because it’s so large, it’s just beautiful.”

He really enjoyed the drums. “Oh that was very impressive…wonderful, wonderful,” he said.

Mr. Ames expected people would learn about the show through word of mouth. “I’m sure that everybody who saw it will tell their friends,” he said.

He said he also liked the sentiment behind the lyrics. “What impressed me were the lyrics speaking of freedom, and against tyranny … The music was great,” he said.

They both described the show as a “visual feast.”

“With the color schemes and the way the costumes blend with the setting is very impressive. It’s very elegant, very successful,” Mr. Ames continued. “We’re very impressed, it’s just beautiful … We’re very happy to be here.”

The Chinese New Year Splendor continues in New York through Saturday, Feb. 9. For other shows in the Divine Performing Arts world tour, please visit:

Source: Choreographer, Tap Dancing Master Says ‘Splendor’ is ‘a visual feast’



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