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The Chinese Splendor Shows How to ‘Promote peace and harmony’, Says Korean Family

By Dalia Or, Epoch Times New York Staff, Feb 09, 2008-

NEW YORK—As the Chinese New Year Splendor nears the end of it 11-day run at Radio Music Hall, a family of three generations who attended Saturday’s matinee had high praise for the show.

“Culture is meant to promote peace and harmony with our neighbors. This harmony includes truth, compassion and tolerance,” said Daniel Lee, a real estate investor with Speed Investment Group in New York City.

“This world has plusses and minuses, but there is another world beyond this world, beyond this time-space. The Splendor shows us about history, culture, and how to promote peace and harmony in the world. I liked how it was presented in the show very much.”

Lee attended the Splendor with his wife, father, and son. “Three generations of us are here,” he said, pointing to his father and son. “My father is 90 years, I’m 45 years old, and my son is 15 years old.”

Lee said that his favorite piece was a Korean dance called “Changbai Mountains.”

“I like the Changbai Mountain dance very much. This mountain is the model of all the mountains on the earth. We Koreans call it the model mountain.”

Particularly taken in by the deeper meaning of the performances, Lee said, “The show was very good. Not only the music, but also beyond it. I’m referring to spiritual things.”

His wife, Hong Kim Elizabeth, a lawyer originally from Korea added that it was an “excellent show.”

After playing 15 shows in New York between January 30 and February 9, the Chinese New Year Splendor will continue its tour of over 65 cities worldwide with its next stop in Europe.

The Chinese New Year Splendor continues in New York through Saturday, Feb. 9. For other shows in the Divine Performing Arts world tour, please visit: .

Source: Chinese ‘Splendor’ Shows How to ‘Promote peace and harmony in the world’



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