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‘It is an honor for me to be here,’ Says Fashion Designer at Vienna’s Chinese Spectacular Show

By Milene Wirth Fernandez and Joan Delaney, Epoch Times Staff, Mar 07, 2008-
La Hong at the Chinese Spectacular at Vienna’s Stadthalle on Thursday
“It’s a piece of home,” said La Hong in describing the Chinese Spectacular , currently playing at Vienna’s stately Stadtahalle, the oldest theatrical institution in the German-speaking world, dating back to the beginning of the 18th century.

An award-winning fashion designer, Hong is originally from Vietnam but has lived in Vienna for 27 years. He says the cultures of China and Vietnam are similar, and the Spectacular reminded him of the home he left many years ago.

“I have been away from home for so long that the show reminded me of home. It meant a lot to me. It is an honor for me to be here today, and I feel right at home. Putting it in general terms, the colors, the music and the dancers’ movements made me very happy. I experience the same colors and movements in my fashion creations.”

Hong commented on what the Spectacular meant for him.

“The show spoke to me about the inner senses that are inherent in all of us. Though we live in modern times, we must not forget that each of us has a depth, our origin. Everything these days, though, has strings attached to politics, all over the world — especially so in China.

“All of us on Earth would like to live in freedom, to move around where we wish, to achieve our best potential, to enrich everyone else’s lives. I think this is the actual meaning of this whole show, not merely the colors and music and movements, but the underlying message, as I said before — freedom.”

Hong said he primarily designs evening and bridal wear, and he commented on the colours and costumes in the show — which are all handmade — from the standpoint of a designer.

“My clothes collections are just as colorful as the show costumes we have seen today.

The colors serve a purpose and represent a playfulness; they express being part of our lives. Specially now, in the winter, the colors all around us are drab and there is a dampness. Seeing cheerful colors lifts our spirits.”

Hong worried that some in the audience may have not fully understood the more profound inner meaning of the acts.

“I am somewhat sad that most of the members in the audience have only a superficial grasp of the underlying message of these performances. Perhaps Westerners did understand what the dances try to convey, I am not sure, but I have understood their meaning! I wish more people would comprehend the meaning of these shows.

After another show in Vienna on Friday, the Spectacular will play in Bratislava on Sunday, carrying on to Prague for more shows next week. A total of 35 shows will be seen in 14 European countries.

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