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‘Chinese Spectacular’ ‘is a great masterpiece’, Says Ballet School Owner

By Rosemarie Frühauf, Epoch Times German Staff, Apr 20, 2008-Barbara Zapf-Dorn, owner of a ballet school in Nuremberg

MUNICH, Germany — Barbara Zapf-Dorn, owner of a ballet school in Nuremberg, thoroughly enjoyed the renowned Chinese Spectacular when she attended the show at Munich’s Prince Regent Theatre on Saturday.

(photo: Barbara Zapf-Dorn, owner of a ballet school in Nuremberg. /Jason Wang,The Epoch Times)

She commented on the high caliber of the dancers. “It was excellent. The precision was impressive as well as the intensity with which the performers danced. They also endure quite a lot. They have to sacrifice a lot in order to perform like this. It was, all things considered, a great masterpiece. From the dancing, the music, singing, lighting, to the stage picture, everything was perfect.”

Zapf-Dorn was especially impressed by the Mongolian Bowl Dance in which the dancers delicately balance bowls on their heads.

“The choreography in this big crowd impressed me; everything performed there was truly in its own way unique. I have already seen many performances, international – the Bolschoi Theater and many more — but the interpretation here was something new for me and very interesting. The new thing was the special movements of the Chinese dance with the arms and the walking, without moving the upper body.”

Zapf-Dorn was a solo dancer at the state theatre in Stuttgart before she opened a professional school for stage dancing in Nuremberg. There she takes care of performances for the opera house.

“I also do things in the opera house in Nuremberg with up to 150 participants. I always say, if one does not have enough dancers, one cannot express something great. I then go and fetch the talented people from various schools.”

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