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September Events (1) International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition


The mission of the “International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition” is to bring forth the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts and provide contestants with an opportunity to advance their martial arts skills and improve their moral conduct based on martial arts principles. The competition also aims to promote Chinese culture and display true martial arts values to the world.

Date and Location

* Asia Pacific Preliminaries: August 2-3, 2008, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan.
* North America Preliminary: September 27, 2008, New York City, USA
* Semi-Finals and Finals: September 28, 2008, New York City, USA.
* New York Event Site: The Armory Center, 216 Fort Washington Avenue, Manhattan.

Introduction to Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts originated from ancient traditional Chinese culture, it therefore has rich inner content and meaning. It was initially derived from Daoism, which is closely related to personal cultivation (self improvement). Its foundational components include cultivating virtue, artistic technique, nurturing health and longevity, improving physical condition, defending oneself and preventing violence. Hence, the first character in the word martial arts is “Wu” (武), which is formed by combining the characters for “stop” (止) and “war” (戈).

In the long history of Chinese civilization, the first martial art to appear was “Jiao-di” style wrestling during the Yellow Emperor’s battle against Chi-you (during 2852 BC to 2205 BC). Following that, many schools of sword techniques appeared during the Warring States Period…… (more)

Award Placement

1. Regional Preliminaries will have 40 categories. The top three winners of each category will be announced. The top winner of each preliminary category will receive US $200.
2. Distinguished performers will receive Honorable Mention Awards.
3. The Final Competition will include Male and Female divisions of External and Internal Style categories. Each category will have 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze prize.

Gold award winners will receive US $5,000 and an exquisite hand-made Nine-Dragon sword (estimated market value at US $10,000) from a renowned Asian sword smith. Silver award winners will receive US $3,000. Bronze award winners will receive US $2,000.

For details, please check the official website for the Competition:



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