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(Video) Chinese Han Couture: Divine Inspiration

NTDTV, via Youtube-

A word not often used to describe fashion. Yet when the clothing in question has the profound background of Han Couture, its the only word that will do.

The Han Chinese people have a saying that their culture is passed down from the heavens. China itself can be referred to as Shenzhou or the Divine Land. But can such deep spirituality really be seen in the very clothes that people wore during the Sui and Tang Dynasties and in these new creations theyve inspired?

[Lili Zhou, Competition Judge]:
We want to bring all these traditional things back. We just want to show the inner beauty and that is the very big message we want to send out.”

[Marie Copps, Fashion Designer]:
“I think we have to do that as a society as the whole world has to come back to more spirituality and deeper meaning than just money and material world”

[Maimouna Ngom, Recipient Honorable Mention]:
“That is what I like about this competition, because I read that the chinese culture was given by gods that is what they believe. So I said to myself when I design it has to be divine.”

The Tang Dynastys splendid painters and sculptors would lead devout lifestyles, meditate, and look to the heavens for inspiration in creating their artworks. It was often to these masterpieces that the clothing designers of those days would turn to find their models.

Whether casual or formal, the outfits themselves were created to reflect the mood and behavior of tranquil beings, in celestial realms.

At this weekends first annual Han Couture Global Design Competition, designers, models, and spectators shared what was for many a first-time experience: A fashion show where the physical beauty on display was matched equally, even exceeded, by spiritual beauty.




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