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Video: Musical Family Enjoy Divine Performing Arts Show in Philly

By  Sarah Matheson, NTD TV,  Philadelphi, U.S –

Divine Performing Arts attract many families who want their children to learn more about Chinese culture.

The Gammarinos in Philadelphia love the arts and really enjoyed the show on Saturday.

[Steve Gammarino, Musician]:
The music was fantastic, the musicians were wonderful. The dancing and acrobatics were incredible. So I couldnt say a bad thing about it

[Carol Gammarino, Former Performer]:
It was exciting, the costumes were wonderful.Their interpretations, the expressions, it was justit was top notch.

[Stephanie Gammarino, Daughter]:
It was really fun. I loved all the costumes. And the performance was awesome.
In never knew how diverse Chinese culture was within itself. It was really awesome to learn so much about it.

– NTD TV Via Youtube


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