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Violin Teacher: ‘It helps me to continue to have faith in humanity’

By Gao Lin, Epoch Times Staff, Dec 27, 2008 –

SAN DIEGO, California— “Oh, it’s beautiful, it’s just beautiful. It’s colorful, it’s touching, it moves you,” said Mr. Morcos, a sculptor and painter who attended the Divine Performing Arts company’s evening show at the San Diego Civic Theatre on Saturday Dec. 27, with his friend Mr. Turk, a businessman.

It was the first time Mr. Morcos had seen a show of this kind, he said he loved the Welcoming Spring performance.

Mr. Turk agreed with his friend: “It was great, very enjoyable. Spectacular costumes and choreography, it was really nice, very nice.” Mr. Turk liked all of the programs so much he could not pick a favorite.

Mr. Morcos, however, identified Persecuted on a Sacred Path as his favorite performance right away. “Because it was touching, this is reality, this is what is happening, you know, they are not letting us live our life. They have to tell us how to live it,” he said, referring to the depiction of persecution against a prisoner of conscience in modern-day China.

Mr. Turk then thought of a few that he liked: “I like the very first one about the blue flower, the special flower [The Udumbara’s Bloom], and then the Spring one [“Welcoming Spring”], like he said. But I liked all the flowing costumes and the ladies dancing, and the style and ability. I thought it was really cool. And the smoke, I like the one about the Phoenix [The Mystical Phoenix], when you first opened the second act. That was so cool because it was like they were up in the clouds. I liked that.”

Mr. Turk continued, “Like I said, it is very touching, it’s telling the truth and it’s sort of like open[ing] the people’s eyes to that part of the world … so it’s educational you might say, and I definitely recommend it.” He also said he would recommend his Chinese friends to go, and that he himself wanted to see it again. Just then, his female friend, who came along during the interview, said she wanted to see it again the very next day.

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