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Divine Performing Arts Debuts in Los Angeles, Enjoyed by Young and Old

LOS ANGELES— The Divine Performing Arts made its debut this Tuesday evening at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium for what will be a 5-day run.

A local Pasadena family, the Niesens, came out to enjoy 5000 years traditional Chinese culture.

Seven-year-old Sydney most liked the dancing, saying that it was “colorful,” while her older brother, Michael, eleven, appreciated “the different types of costumes” that the performers wore.

There mother, Alice, a nurse practitioner, agreed, saying that she also loved the ‘Yi Ethnic Dance’ with silken rainbow-like skirts.

“I love that they are bringing out the Chinese culture and representing things that are important to them.” Alice was particularly moved by the dance called The Udumbara’s Bloom where, as she explained, the dancers “are imitating nature with finger movements and graceful bodies—really beautiful.”

A physician, Charles, said that his favorite part of the show is the music calling it “soothing.”

“It’s different than old Chinese music that I have heard before. It’s a combination of Western and Eastern – I am very soothed by it.”

Savannah, a full-time student at Cal-State Northridge, who watched the show with her boyfriend, said “I love it. Really nice. Beautiful. Honestly, I just like the colors, and the clothes are so pretty. Fantastic, gorgeous, jaw-dropping.”

Liczy, a young girl accompanied by her grandmother, Lois, praised the show: “It’s really pretty. The girls are gorgeous.”

Liczy particularly liked the Yi Ethnic Dance, where young women portrayed the joyful spirit of dance in silken, rainbow-like skirts.

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– Source: The Epoch Times, Dec 30, 2008


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