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‘Spectacular in any language’ , says Los Angeles audience

LOS ANGELES, California— “The costumes are gorgeous. The choreography is amazing. The cultural history of it all is breathtaking … it exceeded my expectations, absolutely”, expressed Mr. Lundgren at the Los Angeles showing of the Chinese New Year Spectacular on Dec. 30. When asked if he had any favorite dances, he said “the drums, the drums were amazing.”

The Chinese New Year Spectacular is part of a world tour by Divine Performing Arts (DPA) International Company, which will bring classical Chinese dance and music to audiences in over 70 cities this year.

Ms. Lundgren, who was attending the show with Mr. Lundgren was similarly impressed. “The soprano, oh, that voice! … her pitch, her pitch was perfect!”, she exclaimed.

Although Chinese is a foreign language and culture to Ms. Lundgren, she was adamant that this was not an issue. “I don’t care! … There’s music, it’s all the same language.”

Throughout the show, performances were introduced in both English and Mandarin. Mr. Lundgren said he found the English song lyrics digitally displayed on the backdrop, to be helpful. “It was nice, I was reading it, it was good to follow”, he conveyed.

The Epoch Times is a proud sponsor of the Divine Performing Arts 2009 World Tour.

– Source: The Epoch Times, Dec 30, 2008



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