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Art School Assistant Director Moved to Tears by Divine Performing Arts

DETROIT— “[The performance] was overwhelmingly magnificent and touching! I cried many tears, and I was inspired.”

This is how Ms. Xue described her feelings while watching Divine Performing Arts New York Company’s first of two performances at Detroit’s Ford Community & Performing Center.

Assistant director of an Oriental art school, Ms. Xue and her husband had also attended the DPA show in January 2008. She said the new programs in this season’s production “even more spectacular” than last year’s.

While a lot of movements in Chinese classical dance are quite difficult, Ms. Xue said, “these young dancers have already reached world class level. This kind of high class show made me admire them very much.

“The performers clearly and precisely expressed the essence of classical dance at a high level. I greatly admire these young dancers for giving such a high caliber and world-class performance.”

The DPA dancers were able to move the audience because they have a strong understanding of Chinese classical dance, said Ms. Xue. She explained that only when dancers truly understand and express the intrinsic substances of dance will they have the power to move audiences.

“In the dance ‘Dragon Springs Drums,’ the male performers expressed great power, skills and strength. Their expressions were rich and earth-shaking.”

She added that the dancers’ thoughts, facial expressions, and inner expressions all touched her deeply.

“The opening program, “The Five Millennia Begins” is so magnificent, so touching. After watching it, I cried. The ideas behind the production, the dance, and backdrops all fitted together perfectly. They all harmonized one another. They made it really easy for the audience to understand—very influential.”

She especially liked the “Yi Ethnic Dance,” a spirited portrait of everyday life among the Yi people, one of southern China’s largest ethnic groups.

“The costumes, dresses, and designed movements in this dance are extremely graceful. The choreographer fully took advantage of the characteristics of the Yi Ethnic apparel. They manifested the dance to be very extravagant. The use of color was very elegant, harmonious, and fitted into the numerous beautiful scenes in the backdrops.”

Ms. Xue praised the creativity of the artistic director and was impressed by the fluidity and coordination of every aspect of the performance.

“The concepts, staging and dancing were in perfect harmony,” she said. “DPA has brought Chinese culture to every corner of the world, sharing China’s 5,000 years of history. This is magnificent. I represent the Chinese people in thanking them.”

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