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Divine Performing Arts Brings Hope to the World, Says Producer

PASADENA, Calif.—“Overall, the aesthetic I received from this production was one of peace, serenity, and harmony. In a world of chaos, trauma, and negativity, the Divine Performing Arts brought something most needed in this world: hope.”

Mr. Miranda, owner of an entertainment production company was in Los Angeles on Jan. 4 to attend the show that is astounding the world—Divine Performing Arts (DPA). The Divine Performing Arts 2009 World Tour will encompass 80 cities on four continents, promoting authentic Chinese culture, ancient myths, legends, and principles.

Mr. Miranda, whose company has met celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Heath Ledger, and Denzel Washington, shares his views on the show: “Beauty is the first aspect which comes to mind. Beauty through dance. Beauty through music. Beauty through costuming and visual imagery. However, that beauty transcends so much more than simple visualization. It is a beauty which touches the very soul of an individual, a beauty which brings to light how much mankind shares in all cultures and how much we are all one global family, bringing peace, love, and prosperity to a world challenged by bitterness, turmoil, and hatred … What Divine Performing Arts brings to performing arts and to contemporary culture is hope: hope for a better world, hope for a better future, hope for a better life.”

“The Divine Performing Arts, through its dance choreography, visual imagery, and musical interpretations allowed the audience to be transported to bygone eras of lush scenery and emotional drama, all with the vigor and enthusiasm of artistic youth.”

Mr. Miranda went on to say that the stories conveyed were ones of true inspiration. “The choreography portrayed the visual imagery associated with the characters, stories, and themes perfectly, while the wardrobe and set direction was truly magnificent. Additionally, integrating the dance choreography with the visual images on the projection screen as excellently as they did was pure genius.”

The DPA Orchestra was the outstanding aspect of the show for Mr. Miranda—a music lover and musician. “Live musicians establish a certain organic relationship which bonds the performers [both dancers and musicians] with the audience, and that served Divine Performing Arts extremely well.”

The orchestra combines Western and Chinese musical instruments to create a unique and beautiful sound. Currently it is the world’s only orchestra that embraces both Western and Chinese instruments together.

“The professionalism and level of excellence [the DPA performers] bring, challenges one to be the best one can be and just to be a part of this in some shape or form would be a true honor. I know I did not mention the outstanding vocalists much, but rest assured, although I did not understand the words sung, I was deeply moved by the expressiveness and vocal intensity of each performer.”

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