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Live Orchestra of DPA Show ‘very exciting’, Says Director of Youth Symphony

SAN FRANCISCO— The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) Chinese New Year Spectacular performed at the War Memorial Opera House on Thursday Dec. 8, and Mr. Hogan, director of a youth symphony attending with his wife, was extremely pleased to hear a live orchestra.

“I think the orchestra is excellent. Very well done. Obviously, its very well rehearsed. The conductor looks well accomplished. I think its beautiful. Very nice mixture. I am very glad to see that kind of combination taking place—beautiful.”

They had been expecting to hear recorded music, so they were delightfully surprised: “I think all of the music was very well done,” he continued. “It was all original music … We were very, very pleased to discover that it is a full live orchestra and is at such a high level—very exciting.”

The DPA orchestra performs all-original compositions while combining classical Western and Chinese instruments.

Mr. Hogan said that he was just talking to his friend and mentioned that the combination of the Chinese and Western instruments and music was very inspiring. He said, “It’s very difficult to have … a full orchestra and have them perform at such a high artistic level … It’s wonderful .. We’re very excited to be here.”

He went on to say, “My wife and I both visited China in the past and have been fans of Chinese culture for a long time. That’s why we came here—to have the opportunity to come and enjoy this. It’s wonderful to see them reenact the Monkey King and the other facets of Chinese mythology.”

Mr. Hogan concluded by commenting on the dancing. “Its just spectacular. It’s really very good. It’s really great to see a company at this level—a national and famous company like this—perform.”

The Epochtimes, Jan 9, 2009


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