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Divine Performing Arts ‘Flawless and Impeccable’, says Well-known Korean Music Critic

SEOUL, South Korea— For Koreans who like to listen to the radio, relaxing music, or jazz, almost all of them know about Jin-Mo Kim. On Feb. 7, the well-known Korean music critic watched the fifth Divine Performing Arts (DPA) performance in Seoul.

In addition to being a music critic, Mr. Kim is a well-known music composer. He used to be a program host on KBS radio, host of Kim Jin-Mo music channels on Busan FM radio and the deputy chief of the Ke-Xi monthly magazine. Mr. Kim has introduced more than 500 pieces of classical music to Korean audiences.

He said the show is as beautiful as a dream: “DPA shows are very beautiful. It has myths, paintings, and also has dreams. It is as beautiful as a dream, but also very real to watch their performance on stage. These are all based on the ancient oriental culture. The performances give people hope for their future. I have been immersed in the bliss from the beginning to the end.”

Mr. Kim said he himself also often participated in stage performances. From a professional’s point of view, all aspects of the DPA show, including the stage layout, music, stories, etc., all left him astonished. He insists that he benefited a lot from watching DPA.

“The timing of the performers’ actions and the changing backdrop is perfectly simultaneous. It surprised me that the computer technologies were used so perfectly,” he said.

“I am also learning Oriental instruments myself. The cultural foundation between the Eastern and Western music is different. Many people want to combine Eastern and Western music, but they rarely succeed. However, what I saw from today’s performance is that the overall music is very harmonious, I have learned a lot indeed.”

He said that the performance was very harmonious and profound. “It is not to say that a performance has to reach a certain level visually in order to be accepted, what I want to say is that the show will be loved by all men, women, or children, no matter who watch it.”

“I’ve watched many performances and dances, which were based on stories. In those circumstances, audiences need to read the script in advance or the stories are some well-known works. So when the audiences watch the shows, they have to already be familiar with the plot and know how to appreciate it. It’s not difficult. However, for today’s program, audiences can perfectly understand the message from the program without needing a prior understanding of the story. I am very surprised.”

He once again said, “Every work is so flawless and impeccable.”

“I think their message is that current humanity is on its last leg. We have lost a lot of our true selves, and I think that humanity needs to recover what it has lost.”

Mr. Kim has experienced ups and downs in life and now likes to live in the distant mountains. He often travels to various places to witness people’s struggles. He has been to India eight times, and has also been to Japan, South-East Asia, Africa and other places.

“I hope that more people will watch the performance, so more audiences will be able to appreciate the beauty of this performances.”

The Epochtimes
, Feb. 09, 2009



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