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Stage manager: ‘Until you see it, you can’t imagine how good a show it is’– The Chinese Spectacular

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— Little Rock resident Mr. Hardy had been looking forward to the Divine Performing Arts since it was announced the New York based performance group would play at the Robinson Center Music Hall.

As a stage manager he is familiar with the theater but nothing prepared him for The Spectacular.

“Until you see it, you can’t imagine how good a show it is—its just really a good show,” he said.

Mr. Hardy enjoyed all of it, he said, “the costumes, dancing, singing, all of it—choreography–all of it, just great” but was particularly taken with the drumming [Drummers of the Tang Court] and Welcome Spring, a fan dance depicting the colors and vitality of spring.

The warmth of spring is a welcome blessing after winter’s cold in this festive, floral scene. Quick footwork, crisp movements, and stunning bursts of color form the basis of these women’s fan dance and its sense of sheer delight.

“I think it was just the fans, it looked just like a field of flowers blooming—it was just beautiful, just really beautiful. And the colors … My! That’s what my granddaughter said, ‘the colors’! … It just really came to life”.

Mr. Hardy’s seven year old granddaughter, daughter and son-in law also came to the show and he said they had all enjoyed their night, particularly his granddaughter

“My granddaughter especially, she comes to a lot of shows and a lot of them she is bored,” he said.
In the Divine Performing Arts however she “was sitting on the edge of the seat all night long. She really enjoyed it,” he said.

Mr. Hardy said the Divine Performing Arts had increased his interest in Chinese culture and he was looking forward to the company’s return the following year.

“I learned a lot of stuff about the Chinese people. Of course, I’ve always known they’ve been rich in their culture and heritage … I sure hope they come back. It was really a great show.”

The Epochtimes, Feb. 09, 2009



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