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DPA Leads People ‘toward a realm that everyone dreams of’, says Korea Buddha Portraitist

SEOUL, South Korea— The success of the final performance of the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) International Company at the Universal Arts Center, Seoul, on Feb. 8 put a beautiful period to its touring chapter in South Korea.

A Buddha portraitist from Byeog Wol Mountain Hut named Ryong Sin, stood in front of a large DPA display after watching the show. He told the reporter with great enthusiasm that “The DPA is leading people toward a realm that everyone dreams of, which is a world without pain … People living in capitalist societies are left only with money in mind, but the DPA informs them about the value of morality.”

Its Colors and Music Lift People From the Miserable World

As a professional Buddhist portraitist who illustrates Buddhas, deities, and celestial beings in his paintings, Mr. Sin paid special attention to the unique colors used in the DPA performance. “The brilliant colors DPA uses delivers a vivid image and atmosphere, beneficial to the health of people. These colors are used by most high ranking rich families. DPA has presented traditional Chinese thoughts well with the colors and it is amazing. I’m very fortunate to be at the show, it’s very meaningful.

He also said: “The colors of mysterious paradises are white, gold, emerald and pink. These are the colors of the heavens. These are the colors that give human beings courage and power.

“The music is also different. It is music from a higher realm. The costumes of those dancers and the colors of their costumes are mysterious and harmonious. Human beings walk into a world without pain very naturally by leaving their pain behind to step into a divine kingdom. Humans and celestial beings interact with each other. Identical to the idea that a Falun Gong practitioner transforms into a Buddha after death due to persecution, it is all for leaving this painful mundane world. I think this is the connotation of the DPA performance.”

People Can Only Stand in Awe

Mr. Sin is enthralled by the entire performance.

“DPA is well-designed with the backdrop similar to a painting. Only this painting is incredibly beautiful, as well as the costumes.

“Korean culture originated from China. Our clothing has also been influenced by traditional Chinese clothing during Go Gu Ryeo time period. Without the understanding of Chinese culture, Korean culture would not be able to take root. The DPA performance is not only an art performance, it has thoughtful connotations.

“Li Bai’s poems, Chinese culture and connotations are basically of Buddhism and Daoism. The DPA has finely portrayed these ideals. Moreover, there is the birth of the divine pen. How marvelous! The DPA passes on Chinese culture through explaining the basics of human beings and nature. What a great message it delivers!”

He is most impressed with the dynamic backdrops.

“It will suddenly appear! The moving space, flying movements, Li Bai’s background with poems appearing … Oh! Who has designed all this?”

“The choreographers have conveyed Chinese traditional legends very well in their dances. The themed dance of the divine pen will take the world by storm. Guimin Guan’s lyrics are beyond this world, the pianist is excellent, Mulan’s story is great, and especially the last program Knowing the True Picture Offers Ultimate Hope is outstanding, the arrangement is outstanding. People can only stand in awe.

“The choice of theme is brilliant! The core of what human beings long for–heaven. DPA has chosen this theme. Now, health or any spiritual worlds have roots in Chinese culture. That’s why DPA could succeed; this performance can fulfill people’s desires.”

The Poster Delivers a Message as Well

He was drawn to the DPA poster as well: “The answer to DPA’s popularity is already portrayed in the poster. The color and design both have drawing charisma. The name of the group Divine Performing Arts also tells a message for modern people.”

“The logo of DPA is very precise and successful: illuminating in the center with a silhouette of the form of a female dancer in the midst of the air, very mysterious and compelling. This poster creates great ambience. This is the renaissance of traditional Chinese culture. This poster has such a great design with an appealing gold color. Divine Performing Arts probably means an impression of the divine.

“People in modern society no longer know about their goals in life. A person is born, lives without knowing about oneself and then runs around making a living and wasting time. When such a person watches this performance, he will understand the message from Divine Performing Arts and will know how to live.”

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