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Shen Yun in Montreal–‘Resplendent is the word,’ Says TV Actor

MONTREAL— Shen Yun Performing Arts was greeted at Montreal’s Place des Arts by an enthusiastic full house on Friday night.

Canadian actor Anthony Lemke attended with his wife, Maria Gacesa. Lemke’s credits include several hit TV series such as Robocop:Prime Detectives, The Listener, Queen of Swords, and the TV movie The Last Templar.

“I think it was colourful. It was resplendent is the word,” said Mr. Lemke. “Peaceful and, for me, educational. Maybe because I’m only ignorant but I found I don’t know much about Chinese culture. Current affairs absolutely, you can’t not know about that but artistically, Chinese culture? No.”

Mr. Lemke’s friend, actor Danny Blanco-Hall also attended. He is known for his role in The Last Templar and in the film The Human Stain.

Having grown up close to Chinatown, Mr. Blanco-Hall was more familiar with Chinese culture, but admitted there is much to learn.

“You can never really know enough about a culture as old and traditional as [the Chinese culture],” he said.

Mr. Lemke was particularly impressed by the choreography of the classical Chinese dance pieces.

“That was the part that affected me most,” he said. “It was the actual choreography and the form of the dance, more than the specific choreography … There was the fans, the long sleeves, the scarves—just spectacular and beautiful.”

Mr. Blanco-Hall noted a particular characteristic of the dance.

“You don’t focus on one individual, what you do is focus on the whole staging and so that way you really get a sense of the movement, particularly of the colours,” he said……. (more details from The Epochtimes)



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