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“People Should See It” – Fox 5 News Anchor Comments on Shen Yun at New York Lincoln Center

Shen Yun Performing Arts won the appreciation of Fox 5 Anchor Ernie Anastos at Lincoln Center on Friday night.

[Ernie Anastos, Fox 5 News Anchor]:
“Well it’s a wonderful performance. I have enjoyed this immensely. I think that it’s so well done, so tastefully done. There’s a history, there’s a spiritual message and there’s an artistry that I really appreciate. I think that all of the performers are marvelous. I love their voices. I love the talent, the dancing, the choreography, the setting. I mean it’s superb, it’s a wonderful show. In fact, I’m heading back to my studio to do the 10 o’clock news tonight. I’m taking my program and I’m going to mention it on the news, because I think it’s a great show and people should see it.”

New York State Assemblyman Eric Stevenson also enjoyed the performance.

[Eric Stevenson, New York State Assemblyman]:
“Well I’m very amazed by the show. And so delighted to see such a great show with such beauty and compassion and discipline. It’s just amazing. It’s a great show. And I would recommend those who have never seen it to try to get to see it this time, if not, make sure you get to see it next time. I’m looking forward, I want to get back to my seat, I’m looking forward to part two, and it’s an honor to be here.”

[Odilza Vital, Medical Doctor & Author]:
“I loved the show. It’s like dream. Everything’s a poem. And the message that I get from this show is so rich culture from Chinese people. So colorful. So it’s very difficult to choose one of the scenes that I like better because I love everything.”

NTD News, New York



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