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“It Was Fantastic” – New York Corporate Entertainment Company Owners Talk About Shen Yun at Lincoln Center

Dean and Shirley Vali are the owners of a music company which provides entertainment for corporate and social events. They saw Shen Yun Performing Arts at Lincoln Center in New York on Saturday night.

[Dean Vali, Owner of Bounce Music & Entertainment]:
“I was so thrilled and in awe of a very beautiful show. It was fantastic. My wife and I had a great great evening. Shen Yun is lovely.”

Mr. Vali enjoyed Shen Yun’s orchestra, which combines both classical western and Chinese instruments.

[Dean Vali, Owner of Bounce Music & Entertainment]:
“Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely. It was so well molded and melded together. It was done lovely and all the emotion for the dance was provided perfectly.”

[Shirley Vali, Owner of Bounce Music & Entertainment]:
“We deal with music all the time, but this was so unbelievably fantastic. I mean something we haven’t heard in a long time to be honest with you. The two-string, an instrument I personally haven’t heard before, the way it was played tonight it was breathtaking. It really was. Soulful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.”

[Dean Vali, Owner of Bounce Music & Entertainment]:
“The message for us was spiritual and I learned about Dafa tonight, and what it means to the Chinese people. And we were touched by it. It was a wonderful spiritual message about hope and we felt that.”

[Shirley Vali, Owner of Bounce Music & Entertainment]:
“We really did it was beautiful. The message was how we believe. What my husband and I believe.”

NTD News, New York



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