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Simple at Heart- Renowned Chinese Poet Tao Yuanming, in Jin Dynasty

Tao Yuanming (A.D. 365–427) was a renowned poet in the Jin Dynasty. He wrote in a poem: “I have thought of moving into the South Village but not because I like the cottages there. It is because I have heard there are many simple-hearted people [there], and I would love to spend my days and nights with them.”

Tao Yuanming liked the villagers in South Village for their pure and simple hearts. He was also simple at heart. He worked on the farmland every day and wrote poems about his aspirations. He was content with a simple and frugal lifestyle, and he enjoyed living in adherence to the Tao.

He described his friendship with his neighbors in another poem: “We often get together, and each of us expresses our views openly and frankly. When one has obtained a wonderful article, we read it together; when someone has questions or confusion, we discuss it together.”

Because Tao Yuanming’s neighbors supported one another and maintained harmonious relationships, they created a beneficial environment that encouraged morality and virtuousness. (The Epochtimes)



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