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Thousand-year-old Ancient Art of Miao Ethnic Embroidery Lives On in South China (Video)

A thousand-year-old ancient art of embroidery is still shining in the mountains of northern Guizhou Province.

As a folk art, it has been handed down from the hands of women of the minority Miao ethnic group.

The artists are the common people of the red sect of Miao people. It is so named because of their red attire. They moved from Jiangxi Province to Guizhou hundreds of years ago.

Embroidery of the red Miao people dates back to ancient times.

[Ma Xiaofei, Scholar]:
“All our culture, customs and embroidery art are handed down orally from generation to generation as we have no written words. All these are reflected in the embroidery.”

The patterns on the embroidery costumes are simple and elegant, mainly composed of three colors: red, yellow and black. Star, moon and sun patterns all come from nature or local legends.

The process of making an embroidery costume is very complicated. It goes through weaving, wax coating, cross-stitching, pattern drawing, dyeing, de-waxing, bleaching and washing, all by hand. (NTD News)


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