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[Ancient Chinese Philosophy] Five Elements- relationships between heaven, earth and humans

On the surface, things of the world may appear to be so complex and disorderly that it seems they have no relation to one another whatsoever. However, the ancient Chinese believed that everything is actually interrelated, and that all things are determined by order and laws. Advertisements

If you don’t correct your mistake, you really make a mistake- Confucius

Older generations of Chinese people believed that even a saint could commit an error. Ancient texts mirror the adage that no man is infallible of making mistakes, but learning from them is one of man’s greatest virtues. This leads to the betterment of one’s conduct. Confucius was wont to say, “If you know you made … Continue reading

[Ancient Chinese Philosophy] People First, Sovereign Last- Mencius

The Warring States Period in Chinese history covers the period from 403 BC to the unification of China by the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC There were then seven major states collectively called the Seven Hegemonials of the Warring States, two of which were the states of Qi and Zhao.

The Story of Laozi – Purple Light Rays Illuminated from the East

During the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 B.C. – 256 B.C.,) Yin Xi was the Prefect and a local man of Hangu Pass, the Far Western region outpost in China.

Vancouver Chinese Dance and Music Show: Shen Yun 2014, January 23 – 25

The world-renowned Chinese Dance and Music company, New York based Shen Yun Performing Arts, is coming back to Vancouver Queen Elizabeth Theatre with a brand new 2014 lineup of performances. Shen Yun performance brings China’s 5,000-year long civilization onto the stage, features classical Chinese dance, a full orchestra, exquisite costumes, and dazzling animated digital backdrops. … Continue reading