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The Story of Laozi – Purple Light Rays Illuminated from the East

During the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 B.C. – 256 B.C.,) Yin Xi was the Prefect and a local man of Hangu Pass, the Far Western region outpost in China. Advertisements

Chinese Idiom and Story: Wild Goose Carry Messages From Afar

Wild geese are migratory birds that travel great distances along well-defined routes every year between their breeding grounds in the north and wintering grounds in the south. Taking advantage of their natural instinct to follow the change of seasons in their annual north-south journey, the ancient Chinese used these faithful birds to carry messages by … Continue reading

Mulan, the Most Inspiring Woman in China’s History

No other woman in Chinese history has inspired more admiration than Mulan, who is considered an embodiment of loyalty and filial piety. The ancient story of Mulan enlisting in the military on her aging father’s behalf is one of China’s most treasured legends and included in every Chinese school textbook. The story has also become … Continue reading

Simple at Heart- Renowned Chinese Poet Tao Yuanming, in Jin Dynasty

Tao Yuanming (A.D. 365–427) was a renowned poet in the Jin Dynasty. He wrote in a poem: “I have thought of moving into the South Village but not because I like the cottages there. It is because I have heard there are many simple-hearted people [there], and I would love to spend my days and … Continue reading

The Essence of Classical Chinese Dance

By Zhang Tianliang, Special to The Epoch Times, Jul 26, 2007-Flash back to 1300 years ago. Emperor Zhong Zong 1 of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) is hosting a feast on January 30, in the year 707, at the Kunming Pool. With all officials of the royal court present, he asks the officials and literary … Continue reading