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Stage manager: ‘Until you see it, you can’t imagine how good a show it is’– The Chinese Spectacular

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— Little Rock resident Mr. Hardy had been looking forward to the Divine Performing Arts since it was announced the New York based performance group would play at the Robinson Center Music Hall. As a stage manager he is familiar with the theater but nothing prepared him for The Spectacular. “Until you see … Continue reading

Divine Performing Arts ‘Flawless and Impeccable’, says Well-known Korean Music Critic

SEOUL, South Korea— For Koreans who like to listen to the radio, relaxing music, or jazz, almost all of them know about Jin-Mo Kim. On Feb. 7, the well-known Korean music critic watched the fifth Divine Performing Arts (DPA) performance in Seoul. In addition to being a music critic, Mr. Kim is a well-known music … Continue reading

Professor: ‘The opening act’ of Divine Performing Arts ‘took my breath away’

ST. LOUIS— The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) performed at the Touhill Performing Arts Center in St. Louis on Feb. 7 as part of the DPA 2009 World Tour. The show won the acclaim of both Eastern and Western members of the audience. Mr. Behrmen, a professor and dean at St. Louis University, said the show … Continue reading

(Video) Well-Known Broadway Critic: Chinese Spectacular Is A ‘Five Star’ Show

NTD TV on Youtube , January 12, 2009- And finally… He’s a man that’s seen literally thousands of shows on countless stages. But Broadway critic Richard Connema still called the Chinese New Year spectacular a quote, “mind-blowing” experience. Richard Connema, critic for Talkin’ Broadway and seasoned theater patron has the highest praise for Divine Performing … Continue reading

University VP Says Divine Performing Arts Show is ‘Sublime artistry’

INDIANAPOLIS—Divine Performing Arts (DPA) delighted the audience at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis on Saturday, Jan. 31, with its unique presentation of Chinese traditional culture. Ms. Hanson, executive vice president of a major Midwestern university, was highly impressed with DPA’s visual feast of classical Chinese dance and Chinese ethnic and folk dance performed to original … Continue reading