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Plum Blossoms, First of Four Noblemen, in Chinese Arts

By Tony Dai, to NTDTV- Plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum were adored by the ancient Chinese literati and artisans, and referred to as the “Four Noblemen.” This was because they were used to portray noble characteristics, such as pureness, humbleness, and uprightness. The first “nobleman” is plum blossom which begins blooming in the harshness … Continue reading

Dramatic Backdrops Scenery of the Chinese New Year Spectacular

By Yi Xin, to NTDTV- Watching the NTDTV Gala, I was surprised by a feeling I’d been missing for a long time. I was tired of watching New Years’ programs after seeing so many Chinese New Year shows that were a hodge-podge of assorted cheap performances loaded with communist ideology. I had lost all interest … Continue reading

Review: Chinese New Year Global Gala 2006, DC

Reviewed by Bob Anthony , All Arts Review 4u, February 21, 2006- The National Theater was the venue for a totally stunning evening of Chinese variety acts included in “Chinese New Year Global Gala”. Yes, it is the year of the dog but this show brought on angels, flying cranes, a good and bad dragon … Continue reading